The main character of the story, Dario, is the only hero present in the party at the beginning of the story.

Dario with sword

Dario is a swordsman living in the small village of Thalgrund in the West with his pet Falcon; however, an unexpected attack by the minions of the evil Mordred sends Dario on a wild adventure throughout the entire land. Upon clearing his village of Thalgrund of all threats, Dario sets off to the nearby village of Ridgewood to check upon his elderly mother. However Dario finds that the bandits have also attacked Ridgewood, and Dario's mother lies severely wounded. As she nears her end, Dario's mother explains to him that he is the rightful heir to the throne of the land, that he is the son of the once great King Keron. She hands him an amulet, and tells him that it is what the bandits were searching for, before she passes on. With his mother's words in heart, Dario sets off to rid the land of Mordred and claim his rightful throne. Battling countless enemies in the lands of Barmecia, Folklung and Kaloix, he and his party eventually arrive at the Old King's Castle, where Garek, an old squire of Keron, awaits him. Dario cleanses the area and restores the ruined castle to its former glory. After defeating Mordred's vile General, Kerberos, Dario moves on to defeat Mordred himself in Evelance, and return peace to the land.

Dario is the most well-rounded hero with useful techniques. He can send his falcon to fly in a certain direction and see what lies ahead. He can also use his leadership skills to defend his soldiers by causing enemies to retreat. The player can also get to see through the eyes of Dario's Eagle (this is the only ability that can be used all the time at any time). By far Dario's most useful skill is his ability to detect nearby enemies: if somebody is near, Dario's icon in the bar at the top of the screen will flash blue, alerting the player of possible danger.