Erec profile


A childhood friend of Dario , Erec followed his natural talent and joined the Brotherhood of Knights, who went to war in the East. Erec then returns to Ridgewood , with quite a sizable army to meet up with his old friend. Erec accompanies Dario from Ridgewood for the rest of his journey. Erec plays a medium-major role in the plot of the story, often advising Dario on combat strategies, and leading the forces into the fray. When the party arrives in Kaloix , Erec is the first person to doubt Ari 's sincerity, believing that she had run off, never to be seen again, much to the dismay of Dario. However, Erec is proved to be wrong when the party finds Pilgrim in a village to the east.

Erec is by far the most useful unit in combat, while the game shows Erec to have the same attack power as Dario, many people believe Erec to have a stronger attack than most other units. The game also shows Erec to have a higher defence than other units, whereas Erec usually seems to be the first hero to fall in battle, thought this could be a case of the enemies ganging up on him to eliminate his threat. Erec has probably the most useful combat abilities, his first being Aura of Strength, which doubles the attack power of all the units in his vicinity. His Second ability is Maelstrom, which violently slashes all enemy units around him. Maelstrom, coupled with Aura of Strength is capable of defeating an entire squad of troops in one hit.