Helias in Crawford

A wise old priest, brother to King Keron and uncle to Dario, Helias relinquished the throne to Keron, choosing instead the path of God. Since the demise of the Old Empire, Helias has served mainly as a negotiator, attempting to keep peace between the remaining nations. His latest task is acting as a negotiator for the town of Crawford. When Dario and Erec arrive at Crawford, the town is already under siege by Mordred's forces, Helias and the town elders entrust the safety of Crawford to the two friends. They manage to once again thwart Mordred's forces and send their General Kerberos fleeing. After the incident in Crawford, Helias joined Dario and Erec as they continued their journey.

Helias also served as a negotiator with the ruler of Kaloix, the Countess Mary De Mortfichet, and hence, was not available during that level. Helias could be regained in the following level The Great Plague, where he explained to the party of the Countess's evil schemes. Helias holds a dark secret, he is actually the father of Mordred's evil General Kerberos.

Helias is most likely (and most obviously) the weakest hero in combat, however his abilities make up for it. He can turn any enemy unit to fight alongside the heroes and he can also allow all units in his vicinity to receive more hits before they are defeated.