Son of Helias and General of Mordred's army, Kerberos became twisted when his father turned down the

Kerberos with sword

throne of the Old Empire. Kerberos usually commands his minions from afar, however he does make a rare appearance now and again, the first of which being in Crawford, where Dario and Erec defeated his troops and made Kerberos retreat. He escaped by a secret tunnel. Kerberos also makes an appearance at the Old King's Castle, where the heroes put a stop to his madness.

Kerberos is a playable character in The Cloudy Mountains mission in campaign mode. He is also a playable character in the online multiplayer mode, as with the heroes, Kerberos features abilities which can be used to the player's advantage, among which, Kerberos can lower enemy troops' attack power. Kerberos' attack stat is the same as Pilgrim's.