Mary the mortfichet

Mary de mortfichet

The countess Mary De Mortfichet, ruthless ruler of the region of Kaloix, very little is known about her past, the local people of Kaloix claim that she just turned up and took over the lordship of Kaloix one day. The heroes later find out that Mary De Mortfichet was allied with Mordred and was poisoning the people of her estates to make them easy targets for Mordred. Though she has allied with Mordred, she bears no loyalty to him and merely hopes to increase her personal gain. She despises Mordred's General Kerberos.

Mary De Mortfichet is only a playable character in the Online Multiplayer mode, bearing slight resemblance to Salim, in that she is very swift in her movement. De Mortfichet has a technique that poisons the opposing troops.