The Mayans

Mayans are one of the four playable races in The Settlers IV.

Their associated animal is the jaguar, which can be actually seen in-game while controlling the Mayans.

Strengths and specialties Edit

Since the Mayans use much more stone than wood, they can get a head start on maps where stone is abundant, due to the fact that stone only requires one building type while a sustainable wood supply requires three.

The Mayans have access to blowgun warriors. While these units lack the damage and lose some range compared to archers, they can be used to support towers by immobilizing enemy soldiers. As a result, the Mayans excel at defending against infantry.

In addition to not requiring as much wood, Mayan priests can turn surplus wood into gold at a 1:1 ratio. They can also create new stone deposits and are the only race that can promote existing soldiers to a higher rank using magic.

Magic Edit

The Mayans magical abilities are primarily economical with limited defensive and offensive use. Aside from the shared spells, the Mayans can turn wood into stone, make wheat and agaves grow faster, promote their own and allied soldiers to a higher rank and generate new stone deposits. They can additionally turn enemy soldiers into butterflys, and teleport enemy soldiers to another location. However, the former of these spells exclusively affects archers, while the latter requires the priest to be near the enemy soldiers, putting him at high risk.


  • After either the Dark Tribe themes or battle themes have played, the game's music will not automatically revert to the usual settle themes, and remain silent until another fight begins or the camera focuses on dark land.
    • This is due to some errors in the SoundTracks.cfg.