The Mayans

Mayans are one of the 4 races in The Settlers IV

In storyline, they are described by vikings as "Stone People", especially because they used stone for buildings more frequely than other races.

Their animal is jaguar, and can be actually seen in-game.


  • Mayans are most glitchy, if your camera will look at dark land while you are playing as mayans, music will stop until you will restart it in options. (Mostly visibly example: If you have installed Trojans and the Elixir of Power expansion, and looked at the very last map in free game, your city is surronded by dark land and the music just keep stopping)
  • Mayan spells done by Priest are pretty weird because they can "Promote" soliders while other races can't, and one of their spells makes extra stones for Stonecutter.

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