The Romans

The Romans are one of the four playable races in The Settlers IV.

Their associated animal is the wolf, which can actually be seen ingame while controlling the Romans.

Strengths and specialties Edit

Due to their balanced resource requirements, the Romans are often said to be easier to play for beginners.

The Romans have access to medics, which trade some of the damage output of a swordsman for the ability to heal other units.

They have the least complex ammo production-chain, requiring only stone. Additionally, they have the shortest mana production-chain, as their vineyards immediately produce wine without requiring other resources.

Due to their ability to refresh the resources in mountains, the Romans are the most suited for long matches.

Magic Edit

The Romans have access to a balanced array of offensive, defensive and economic spells. Aside from the shared spells, the Romans are able to turn fish into stone, generate new fish in water, strike enemy soldiers with lightning, convert enemy soldiers, bolster their own soldiers and refresh the resources below their mines.


  • The Romans are the only race from the two previous games to also appear in The Settlers IV.