The final hero gained in the main game and appears to be of Oriental origin. Not much is known about Salim, other than he is a mechanical genius, working in the city of Folklung. Rumours say that Salim is the advisor to a king who looks after all situations, no matter how hopeless. He is recruited to the party by Pilgrim, as he arrives in Folklung ahead of the other heroes. Salim acts as a sort of advisor and keeps very cool in all situations. He is the only hero, aside from Erec, to remain with Dario for the entirety of the story since he joined.

Salim acts as another well-rounded character and is helpful in defense, utilizing his traps in well-placed locations. Salim can also heal allies in his vicinity. Salim's Saracen origins enable him to execute attacks in lightning fast speed, coming only second to Ari in terms of agility.