The Vikings

Vikings are one of the 4 playbale races in The Settlers IV.

In storyline, their animal is bear, and are feared by other races (in original Campaign, it's also your first opponent)

Their buildings are mostly made of wooden planks (they are renewable) and are sometimes described as "Wooden People".


  • Vikings are only race that doesn't have any ammo for War Ships and machines. They use mana instead, also, they have most powerful spell in-game: Thor's Hammer, which can instanly destroy any regular building (if used by Priest) and Military buildings in few shots (even faster than using axe-mans).
  • Vikings are the only class that have a warrior specialised in destroying buildings (the Axe-man). One or two level 1-2 Axe-men are able to destroy a castle in mere seconds. Have care when fighting Vikings!

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