The Vikings

The Vikings are one of the four playable races in The Settlers IV.

Their associated animal is the bear, which can actually be seen ingame while controlling the vikings.

Strengths and specialitiesEdit

The Vikings rely more on wood than on stone. While this can cause them to have a slower start due to the additional buildings required, it also means that their main resource is renewable.

The Vikings have access to axe warriors, which trade some health for considerably higher damage compared to swordsman and have the ability to destroy enemy towers. Because of this, they excel at attacking fortified positions - when playing against the Vikings, players are advised to guard their towers with additional footsoldiers. Otherwise, the Vikings will tear through their defenses in short order.

Unlike the other races, the Vikings do not produce ammo. Instead, their warships and catapults require mana to attack. To make up for this, Viking warships and catapults deal almost four times as much damage as their counterparts.

Additionally, the Vikings also have the unique ability to turn surplus logs into coal at a 6:1 ratio.

Magic Edit

The Vikings magical abilities are primarily offensive. Aside from the shared spells, they can generate new game for their hunters, can turn surplus stone into iron, make their own soldiers hit harder, disorient enemy soldiers, freeze enemy soldiers and destroy any building, be it military or civilian.